Introduction: Triggered


Once in a while, I encounter something that piques my interest. It could be a sentence, a picture, or a scene. It could be a conversation I overheard. Or it could be a personal experience. Next thing I know, questions begin to fester in my mind. A backstory or a conversation takes shape. Bits and pieces of ideas fall like Tetris blocks to fill in the blanks. And then, like a finished puzzle, a story idea is formed.

Alison McMahan called this writing phenomenon a “trigger“. It’s not necessarily a story idea, but information that can help you form a story idea. “Triggers are the source of nourishment for writers,” she said.

This blog’s goal is to help me trace my triggers, meaning, the bits and pieces that sparked my interest in writing, and the story ideas that came afterwards. That means I’ll have to backtrack and look back at everything I’ve written so far – my food blog, my novels, my pieces on Wattpad… everything.

My second goal with this blog is to find new triggers and try to write something, anything, from them. What exactly am I going to write, though? Flash fiction, maybe 500 to 800 words or less? Maybe something full length? Maybe something I could use in one of my present or future works? Also, should I write crime, like I always do, or should I try other genres?

Of course, this blog is also going to be my writing journal, as well as my tracker, for every idea that pops in my head.  If I can make an idea pool that can help me write as many stories as possible in the future, then this blog will be of great use to me. Which now begs the question: should I post my works here? If anyone who stumbles into my blog asks for full copies, I may publish a collection or something.

Why am I doing this? I just need the exercise. Who knows, maybe a budding author somewhere can learn from my own struggles. Or maybe I could end up writing my next major project.

Well, here goes…


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